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Remote management of people

Without boundary between management and distance

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On-line information

By integrating and managing remote information

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Increasing the operation effectiveness

Wides territorial coverage and operational systematization

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Continuous improvement in management

Two-way feedback between the points of contact

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Solution on different devices

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Effective decision-making

Aggregate Control and Management Information

Example Frame

Opening roads to facilitate its business management field

Central administration, Control and management

Anywhere achieved parameters and configure your business reality, managing different structures for the management of its business model and facilitating the work on ground. Through powerful benefits Anywhere allows you direct, manage and control, centrally the various initiatives developed by your staff at the point of contact.

Management, incidents, and notifications

Independent where the field crews is, Anywhere provides an ordered, systematized and hierarchical model of incidents and notifications , between central administration, supervisors and staff on the ground. Now, you can know on-line what happens in your operation at the field, and proactively operate initiatives, changes and improvements in positioning your products, in relation to the competition.

Supervision management on route

With AnyWhere supervisors have a tool that will facilitate efficient and quality management, by aligning the operation field with Corporate Management Model. Supervisors can now control and manage his collaborators in field operation, assess the compliance of the model and manage the business goals of their collaborators.

Natural Integration with People Manager

Naturally, Anywhere is integrated to People Manager, the platform for Corporate Human Resources Management that each day is used by thousands of happy users, including hundreds of executives and managers of prestigious companies.

Coverage Business Models

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With AnyWhere management of your products and services sold on different channels provided in Retail now has a tool that will promote the effectiveness of your sales model.
You can enhance the quality of service, distinguishing it from your competitor, adding […]

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Financial and insurance

This platform will be a differentiating factor in offering your services. With AnyWhere, field sales agent may run the better planning of their trade routes, prospect new potential business and anticipate business closures, from the same point of contact with […]

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This platform has a set of features that will improve the quality of service of the companies within the area of security, facilitating the implementation of early warning systems, the execution and control of the inspections, internal communications, incidents management, […]

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Other Areas

There are many ways in which AnyWhere can promote the implementation of different tasks in other business areas or spots. Supporting the installer remotely, the collector, the home; to the capture of information or events on-line, to the property brokers, […]


AnyWhere contains tools to link various everyday family needs. AnyWhere gives you a tool to provide security in the displacement of your loved ones, family coordination towards an emergency, geolocation, know of their presence, location of areas of family interest, and all, ON-LINE.
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